A Flat of Strawberries

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9 reviews for A Flat of Strawberries

  1. Tammy Kvartek

    Great Fruit, cheese and the people are Fabulous!!!

    • Christine Borntrager (verified owner)


  2. Pamela Campbell

    havent had your strawberries yet, really cant wait to try them!!

    • Christine Borntrager (verified owner)

      They are usually very good so think they will be again this year

  3. Freda Welch (verified owner)

    They are beautiful and very sweet and juicy. We are so pkeased.

  4. Linda M Williams (verified owner)

    Your strawberries are great. Thanks so much for the quick drive through to get them yesterday. I shared several pints with friends.

  5. Debi Williams (verified owner)

    Love the strawberries this years crop were very sweet and juicy.

  6. Norma Smith (verified owner)


  7. Patricia Funk (verified owner)

    So pleased with the strawberries. They were so fresh and ripe.

    • Christine Borntrager (verified owner)

      They were good Thanks

  8. Cheryl

    Great fruit

  9. shannon spooneybarger (verified owner)

    Love to come to the fruit sale!

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